Board of Directors

Krista Voth


Krista Voth is studying geography at UBC following a ten year career as a Waldorf and Montessori teacher.  She has a keen interest in the way urban parks are used and cared for by the public. Krista is the Program Coordinator with Pacific Spirit Park Society, where she develops and supports environmental stewardship and educational programming in Pacific Spirit Regional Park.  Krista has been involved with the Jericho Stewardship Group since 2014 and had been on the board since 2015.  As co-president of the JSG, her vision for the society is to maintain the restoration projects initiated by the society and to work with the Vancouver Park Board to identify future restoration projects in order to improve wildlife habitat and preserve the diverse ecosystems in Jericho Park.

Susan Fisher


Susan Fisher worked as a writer and broadcaster for many years before returning to graduate school to earn a degree in comparative literature. She then worked as a literature professor and university administrator until 2014. The author of many scholarly and popular articles, Fisher won the Canada prize in the Humanities for her 2011 book, Boys and Girls in No Man’s Land: English Canadian Children and the First World War. Since retirement, she has enjoyed learning more about the natural history of our region.

Susan is a third-generation Vancouverite and a grateful user of the city’s parks, especially Jericho. As the lands to the south of Fourth Avenue are developed for housing, the number of visitors to Jericho will increase dramatically, and those who love the park will need to protect its natural values.

Catherine Philips


Catherine is a landscape architect and graduate of Writtle College and Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK.  She enjoys learning about native and non-native tree and plant species, birdwatching, gardening and being outdoors generally.  Catherine has been a member of the Jericho Stewardship Group since 2012, including a two-year term as President from 2015 to 2017.  She is currently the Co-Secretary, with Michelle Catlin, of the Jericho Stewardship Group.

Michelle Catlin


Michelle Catlin teaches at Queen Mary elementary school. She is a grade 2 school teacher who takes her students out to Jericho Beach once a week to explore and discover all the treasures to be found in this stunning park. She is passionate about encouraging young children to connect with nature, to provide opportunities for them to recognize how important nature is, in the hopes that our young children will be advocates for both the park and nature in the future. Michelle recently joined the Jericho Stewardship Board and is keen to learn from the other members all their expertise and knowledge about the park and be able to share this wisdom with her students. As well, her goal is to develop education programs about Jericho Park that other schools can participate in.

Hermann Schindler


Hermann was conceived in Europe’s Black Forest and blessed to grow up beside a large mixed use Toronto Ravine park and forest (Sherwood Forest). In 1990 he moved to Vancouver and has seen all the changes of the past 28 years. He hopes to encourage more people of all ages to become Citizen Scientists.

John Coope


John Coope is a retired professor of Theoretical Chemistry from UBC.  He grew up on Vancouver Island, and studied in Victoria, at UBC, and at Oxford’s Mathematical Institute. His interest in Botany grew from seeing native flora in the alpine during climbing trips.  He has been working in Jericho Park since the late 1990’s, and is a founding member of the Jericho Stewardship Group.

June Ryder


June Ryder is a ‘long-ago’ graduate of the UBC Geography Department. She is a professional geoscientist (terrain and soils specialist) who has worked as a researcher, teacher and consultant. Now retired, she is busy following her life-long interests in natural history, especially birds and conservation. With the help of Nature Vancouver members, she conducted bird surveys in Jericho Park during 2006-2007, and has carried out coastal waterbird surveys (for Bird Studies Canada) along the Jericho shoreline since 2003. She is concerned about preservation of habitat for the nesting, overwintering, and migratory bird populations of Jericho Park.

Judith Cowan


Judith is a forester and works for a forestry consulting firm in North Vancouver, BC. With a specialty in urban forestry, she works primarily within the wildland urban interface conducting wildfire hazard, windthrow, danger tree, and riparian assessments. Her expertise also extends into the realm of urban arboriculture practice and the compilation of tree inventories. Currently Judith is involved in conducting restoration planting and maintenance plans to establish a windfirm stand of trees following significant blowdown events in northeast Coquitlam. Judith is excited to be a part of the Jericho Stewardship Group and looks forward to participating in the group’s planting and invasive species removal initiatives to enhance the biodiversity at Jericho Park.